The Little Penguins education program is focused on language development as a critical foundation for successful literacy. Our professional teaching staff promote language learning through conversation, storytelling, reading and songs, as well as intentional teaching strategies. This is a wonderful part of early childhood development where families can get involved.

At Little Penguins we are in the process of developing a Language other than English (LOTE) program, which will be embedded in the education program. For example, we will provide LOTE-rich experiences, songs and stories, focused on animals from around the world. We would love family members to join us in developing a LOTE program that represents and reflects our unique community.

Play based learning


Creativity is an important part of the Little Penguins learning journey and we have established purposeful creative spaces for children to explore the 'one hundred ways' they can express themselves and the world around the, We make sure there are always plent y of art materials available when they are taken by their creative spirit!

Health and Wellbeing


As the world becomes more hectic and demanding, we believe it is important to empower children to listen to and understand their own minds, emotions and bodies. Through our mindfulness and yoga programs, children will learn to relax and self-regulate (calm) and tune in to their overall well-being.

Embracing Diversity

Purposeful Design

Our childcare centres are designed to provide a welcoming, safe and nurturing environment for children, and encourage indoor-outdoor flow so that children can seamlessly explore and follow their own inspirations and interests throughout the day. Our parent company, the Little Penguins Group, manages every aspect of centre development from site selection through to design, construction and management.

Play based learning

Little Penguins Group

Little Penguins is a Sydney-Canberra based group that begain in 2010 in the childcare sector. We are now recognised as one of the largest childcare development companies in the ACT, and have recently expanded into Melbourne.