Our Approach

The Little Penguins educational program is built around play-based learning. Days full of play and imagination give children the opportunity to explore new ideas and develop new skills. Our educational team creates rich and inclusive learning spaces and experiences, weaving together a program full of magic, warmth and wonder.

Early Years Learning Framework

The Early Years Learning Framework is a set of principles developed by the Australian Government designed to guide and support early childhood learning and development focused on each individual child’s specific needs and interests. The framework is based on the concept of ‘being, belonging and becoming’. Everything we do at Little Penguins is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework’s key principles, including:

1. Positive interactions with children
2. Working in partnership with families
3. Setting the bar high for every child’s learning
4. Respect for diversity and inclusiveness
5. Ongoing learning for staff

Family and Community

Little Penguins is one big happy family. Our childcare centres are located in emerging suburbs with high numbers of young, growing families from different cultural backgrounds. Our leadership team consists of experts in community building and curriculum development, drawing on the interests and strengths of families and the local community to provide rich and diverse learning experiences for children in our care.

Get Involved

Families are invited to get involved in the development of Little Penguins’ rich learning environment. Our education program is centred on play based learning, including songs, stories, games, and sports, planting and growing, imaginative spaces, cooking, conducting experiments, arts and crafts, dance, and language. All activities are aimed at encouraging curiosity, building confidence and establishing a lifelong love of learning.

Health and Wellbeing

At Little Penguins we are committed to giving children the best possible start in life, including healthy eating habits, healthy relationships and environmental sustainability.

Healthy Food

We provide delicious and nutritious snacks and meals throughout the day, wherever possible using fresh produce grown in our own veggie gardens. Gardens are part of the unique Little Penguins environment, which offers safe and endlessly fascinating spaces where children can discover their love of learning.

Happy Children

At Little Penguins’ we are committed to the children’s physical and emotional health and wellbeing. In these challenging times, it’s important that children learn to have respectful relationships with themselves and others. Three age/stage-specific ‘pods’ encourage and support a sense of belonging, allowing children to develop strong, supportive relationships amongst their peers.

Sustainable Environments

We encourage all who connect with our centre to understand our individual and community obligations to the environment. We ‘walk the talk’ by upcycling, recycling, re-using, composting and minimising waste as much as we can.